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Stress tips

Stress is an issue that affects pretty much everyone at some point. Here are a few tips for maintaining your well-being. If you're experiencing significant stress, or know someone else who is, do take it seriously and get in touch with someone - even if it's not me! Find the fun in life.

Storyboard exercise for first coaching session

All your coaching is supported by materials I have designed specifically for my programmes and my approach. These provide a starting point for your homework and a focus for our sessions. The exercise above is often useful to complete before your very first session.

Example evaluation

Regular evaluation and review is important if we want to make continuous, positive improvements. This theme is likely to be covered on any coaching programme. Above is one of the evaluations that someone has completed about me to give you an idea of my approach and what you can expect from me.

Benefits of coaching article from Business Link

What are the benefits of coaching? This short article from Business Link is a good summary of some of the evidence - and the things to look for in a good coach.


Are you a client, contact or colleagues past and present who has asked how you can help advertise my services? Below is a one-pager that can be used as a flyer or poster. Thank you!