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Team development

Looking for just the right solution to get your team energised, focussed and more productive?


Maybe you're looking for something a little different? Something that does the job but that also provides a memorable time together? Something that treats people like adults but doesn't lose the fun element?

The secret is 'individuality'. It’s human to have our own way of interacting with the world and this makes every team dynamic unique. The Peppermint Giraffe approach caters for individual styles and preferences, while still making sure that everyone is involved. Group work, interesting discussions, cutting-edge ideas, sense stimulation and practical time, leave you raring to go and ready for real-life. By recognising and using the diverse range of knowledge and strengths present, groups can aim for that all too rare thing - synergy.  It's a shame it sounds corny these days.


How does it work?

Sessions will vary in length according to the level of your group’s previous experience and its size. Anything from an hour to a week is feasible.  The ideal group size is six to eight - these are not 'chalk and talk' training courses, but rather proper group work, with full participation and lots of flexibility.  It might feel slightly tougher than sitting and listening to a lecture, but the group will reap the benefits from everything they put in!

Sessions work by you, the decision-maker, first deciding on a theme.  I've called these themes because I believe an effective workshop is all about the delegates rather than the agenda.  I believe you're paying to see real changes, not tick a box.  So each theme listed below is bounded by the headline objectives we agree, a discussion framework and a simple set of supporting materials where relevant (any materials are part of the package).  I'll sit down with you for free to discuss all of this.

Other than that, structure, pace and personal outcomes are defined by the group, in the safe knowledge that their session is being guided and facilitated by an experienced occupational psychologist - who’ll keep them on track and provide just enough constructive feedback to keep everyone on their toes.


Workshop themes

The following headings should help you narrow down your search, if you already have an idea of what you're looking for. Key words are in bold.

Some topics straddle more than one heading (there are both bevaiours and skills associated with stress and, naturally, it has an impact on team effectiveness) but I've only listed them once for simplicity. 

Exact titles can be changed to suit, but I recommend something that sounds more appealing than the typically dry titles.


Developing behaviours

(Workshops with more of an emphasis on interpersonal effectiveness and personal development)

"Say sod off to stress"

"Beef up your boundaries"

"Find your level of assertiveness"

"Being relaxed & happy"

"Classy communication"

"Developing kudos as a leader"

"Putting off procrastination"

Developing skills

(Workshops with more of an emphasis on 'learning stuff')

"Nurturing creativity"

"Coaching the coach"

"Having fun presenting"

"Reinventing yourself as a new manager"

"Ethical negotiation"

Developing better co-operation

(Workshops with more of an emphasis on getting teams to work out how to be happier and more productive)

"Developing respect"

"Team altruism"

"What goals are we working towards anyway?"


Once you're ready to go ahead, a free consultation will help you work out what areas to focus on, and what sort of theme to go for. You might even want to come up with your own theme, for example if your team is currently dealing with a specific challenge or change. It’s your choice!


Sound good?

Why not get in touch to discuss your needs and the parameters you're working within. And if you're in London, why don't we make it a coffee?