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Is coaching right for you?

Are you looking for something but don’t quite know what yet?

Do you want to make changes but don’t know how?

Coaching could be for you.

The key question to ask yourself is: “am I committed to change?”

Commitment means making:

(a) the time and space for yourself to entertain new possibilities, and

(b) the effort to investigate those possibilities.

Life coaching

Tired? Stressed? Lacking motivation? Just not sure what to do next?

Life coaching could be for you


Increase your confidence. Focus on yourself for a change. Improve your career, relationships and health.

Call or email me for a no-obligation chat about how it works, and to talk over what you would hope to get out of our time together.

What is life coaching?

People often know that they aren’t satisfied with what they’ve got but aren’t quite sure what they want instead.

Life coaching is for anyone and can cover many issues. You see it’s you who ultimately solves your situation, so the coach’s expertise need not lie in knowing the answers – just helping you to find them. Often those answers could be staring you in the face and you just need someone help you see more clearly.

Peppermint Giraffe coaching provides the support for you to develop and grow. That support comes in the form of helping you identify where you are at now and where you want to go. Once we’ve worked that out, we simply work on putting together a framework for how you’re going to get there.

Ultimately it’s about being control instead of feeling lost; becoming focussed, where you are undecided; feeling confident instead of unsure. Being more sure of who you are, what you’re about and what you want from life.


Why do we need life coaching at all?

A modern need?

We all like to think we’re in charge of our own destiny. And perhaps it’s our right to be able to choose what we want from life and be afforded the opportunity to realise our dreams...

Not so long ago, people would simply put up with things they weren’t happy with. But despite the modern world now providing an abundance of choice and opportunity, we can find that being dissatisfied with your lot is not always enough in itself to help you change. Dissatisfaction can provide the drive and motivation for some people to make changes on their own - but finding your true direction is something else. Sometimes we’re just overwhelmed by the options.

It can be all too easy to ignore reality and avoid thinking about the things we’re dissatisfied with.

But we can’t avoid things forever.  Increased stress, lack of support - these all have an effect on our psyche.  Is it any wonder that brains designed for simple decisions, emotions designed for dealing with a few close relationships, and bodies designed to run and forage, now can’t cope with modern life?



 This is where life coaching comes in.  It’s about finding personal clarity through the fog of modern life, and the fantastic results you get will impact positively on others around you as much as they do on you.


Benefits of coaching from a psychological perspective

  • A commitment to goals that you voice to your coach, is a commitment more likely to be kept
  • The objectivity of your coach (as opposed to the subjectivity of friends and family), allows you to open up more and deal with the important issues without judgement
  • Using tried-and-tested psychological models means that you're helped in structuring your thinking, just when increased stress and tension is making it more difficult to make sensible decisions
  • Increased feelings of self-efficacy can be derived from having someone, your coach, truly believe in your ability to make positive changes (e.g. Albert Bandura's work on Observational Learning and vicariousness).
  • Optimism and a 'growth mindset', found by Positive Psychologists and others to be attitudes key to 'happiness', are encouraged by your coach at every stage