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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis  is a heightened sense of awareness while being in a deeply relaxed physical state - a state of consciousness that can be compared to daydreaming, that moment just before waking or when we're deeply engrossed in something like reading a book.

Hypnotherapy is the clinical use of hypnosis to help address areas like phobias, weight control, sports performance enhancement, anxiety/ panic attacks, smoking cessation and insomnia.


How does it work?

I will spend time talking to you about the issue you want to address, making a proper assessment of any relevant factors. Typically, people only need 3 - 6 sessions in total.

Each session essentially involves:

  • deeply relaxing you
  • talking to you in a way that distracts the busy conscious mind
  • making simple suggestions to the unconscious mind to help you to tap your inner resources
  • awakening you into a confident, alert and positive state

Common misconceptions are that you might let secrets slip, you won't know what's happening because you're 'asleep' and that you relinquish your will power to the hypnotist. None of this is true. At all times you remain completely in control. None of my training has involved making people think they're a chicken! Stage hypnotism is just that - a show - and nothing to do hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy rates

Each session is £95.  Your first session may be slightly longer than the typical hour (to allow time for a proper case study to be taken and for you to ask questions), however this is also at the same rate of £95.

Payments are made in advance and the minimum cancellation notice is 48 hours.


How hypnotherapy can help

Want to be free from stress or anxiety...? Want to be rid of self-destructive behaviour...? Want to improve your performance at work, at the gym or on the pitch...?


Hypnotherapy can help with all of these.  It can help you:

  • tap into positive and constructive emotions, thoughts and ways of living
  • deal with negative and unhelpful emotions, behaviours or situations

And the best news? The whole premise is that the results should be fast, and the only prerequisite is that you are willing to try.

Here are some of the many areas in which hypnotherapy helps people...

confidence & self-esteem
sports enhancement - accuracy, focus, stamina / weight control
sexual problems / addictions and self-control
phobias - spiders, heights, planes etc. / smoking cessation / bad habits
pain control / trauma / IBS
panic attacks and other anxiety issues / exam/ interview nerves
insomnia / stress


 Of these, Peppermint Giraffe specialises in enhancing physical performance, boosting confidence and managing stress, anxiety & phobias.


Sports psychology and hypnosis

Specially developed techniques for sports people and those who want a boost to their fitness regime.

Improved focus, removal of negative self-talk, increased satisfaction & motivation, arousal management, pre-competition routines, goal-setting, injury recovery, power boosts, pre-competition nerves, supreme confidence and winning mindset.