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Is coaching right for you?

Are you looking for something but don’t quite know what yet?

Do you want to make changes but don’t know how?

Coaching could be for you.

The key question to ask yourself is: “am I committed to change?”

Commitment means making:

(a) the time and space for yourself to entertain new possibilities, and

(b) the effort to investigate those possibilities.

Nigel Wood, MSc. is a qualified business psychologist and coach with over 14 years' experience in the field of people development.

Coaching packages

Giraffe package

Stretching!  Coaching with an emphasis on flexibility

Greater flexibility. Bigger challenge. Programme completely designed around you and your needs. Extra benefits include: longer sessions, unlimited telephone and email support.

  • Description: 12 sessions for those with complex situations, needing a highly personalised approach as well as longer-term support and encouragement
  • Suggested approach: a programme will be worked out with you during your initial free consultation; sessions will normally start off fortnightly before moving to a regular monthly slot; expected programme duration of approximately 9-12 months
  • Rate: £1,899 in total
  • Other extras: sessions held in private consultation room in Bond Street, when preferred, at no extra charge; life-time 25% discount off hypnotherapy sessions for you, friends & family


Peppermint packages

Refreshing!  Coaching with an emphasis on structure

A novel selection of coaching packages to suit a range of needs. Great for anyone with a specific area they want to address, or those who like to have a clear structure. The number of sessions and the approach are agreed in advance to make planning and budgeting easier, while still getting the benefits of personal coaching. Simple.

Rate: £99 per session - 5% off for full payment upfront; rates negotiable for those on a budget


Description: 2 x 1-hour sessions surveying the landscape - for those already with a mission but wanting to be refocused and challenged

Suggested approach: Rediscovering your values; Super-focussed goals and strategies.





Description: 4 x 1-hour sessions to address dealing with stress and encouraging well-being

Suggested approach: Understand what stress is; Identify your own stressors; Learn relaxation techniques; Develop an optimistic outlook and greater resilience


Simply confidence

Description: 4 x 1-hour sessions to help you develop an inner sense of purpose, higher level of self-esteem and look good from the outside too.

Suggested approach: Taking control of your priorities; Developing confidence; Positive focus; Creating an impression.



Career change

Description: 6 x 1-hour sessions - for those needing a change but not sure what exactly.

Suggested approach: Identify your career anchors; Reality check - does your career complement your values?; Identify your strengths; Finding your purpose and goal-setting; Finding the right marketing strategy for 'you'; Getting motivated.




Description: 6 x 1-hour sessions - suitable for most people wanting to refocus, re-motivate and rediscover who and what they’re about.

Suggested approach: Your story; Personal values; Self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness; Goal-setting and motivation; Developing optimism; Integrating creativity and an appreciation of life.


Student focus

Description: 4 x 1-hour sessions - good for anyone about to finish A-Levels/ degree and wanting to focus on their next steps, homework planning, organisation, motivation.

Suggested approach: Tapping into your motivators and natural rhythms; Prioritising and scheduling your assignments, tasks and goals; Making next-step decisions; Managing your stress.



Pink power

Description: 6 x 1-hour sessions - designed for those in the lgbt community who want to focus specifically on confidence, self-esteem and identity issues

Suggested approach: Who are you?; Finding inner strength & confidence; Presenting the real you - "Hello World!"; Knowing what matters & being assertive; Scene or not scene?; Flirting & listening.



Description: 8 x 1-hour sessions for those who want a super-charged, super-change.

Suggested approach: option 1 - pick'n'mix from any content you see above; option 2 (a different way of looking at things!) - What is your mission? What are your superpowers and do you use them? Who are your sidekicks? How will you avoid the Kryptonite in life? How can you make your base a fortress of solitude? When should you use your forcefield? Is it time to ditch the alter-ego?


Ready to make the jump?

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