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Nigel Wood, Cert.SportsHyp., DC Hyp., MSc. Occ. Psych.

Nigel Wood is the human behind Peppermint Giraffe.

As a qualified business psychologist, coach and hypnotherapist with over 15 years of success in the field of people development, I have helped people who want to increase their confidence, make changes to their career and get motivated again.

My experience in human resources and training in psychology to post-graduate level, ensure that you receive an approach to personal development that you can trust. On-going development currently includes an international relations course.

Words that I'd use to describe myself are all the 'E's: Explorer; Empath; Empowerer.  Words that others use to describe me include: balanced, considerate, fun and down-to-earth - but why listen to anyone else? Why not find out for yourself? Get in touch so that we can chat, or explore the website to find out more about coaching, sports psychology, training and hypnotherapy.




Principle Member of the Association of Business Psychologists 

Member of the International Stress Management Association (UK)

Member of the Chartered Management Institute

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